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Associates Income Tax Fees 

No Fee is too Great.

Now that I have scared you, read on and learn about fees.

Each Associate has set their own fees. All personal income tax returns are based upon the complexity of the return. Simple return, simple fee. Complex return, complex fee. All income tax returns are electronically filed and that is included in the price of the return.

No phone quotes. Very rarely will a reputable income tax preparer give a phone quite. This is because most of the time the client is not as forth coming as they should be. Many times they will have 1099 Misc's or 1099 R's (Premature Distributions) which do require additional forms, and try to get you to give a quote based solely on W2's. There people are more interested in price than quality and most income tax preparers try to avoid these type clients. We call them cheap and cheesy and avoid them as much as possible.

This much is very true. If a person is shopping price, they usually will pay a lot more in taxes, than the difference in the prices, between someone good and someone cheap. They get what they deserve.  We weep, grieve, and gnash our teeth for them.

You can make an appointment and if you wish, we will discuss our fees with you before we begin. All Corporate, Partnerships, LLC's, LLP's, Non-Profit, Trust and Estates require a letter of engagement to be signed before we begin the return. All prior year returns will require a 50% deposit before we begin to complete the returns.  

We will generally charge you what you paid last year if the tax return was done by a legitimate income tax preparer. This can really be a significant saving especially knowing that you are always paying more each year even if the work is the same and all of the information is already in your tax preparers computer. We don't do that. Many of our clients are paying what they paid several years ago. We never charge for what we already have.

Bookkeeping Fees  Nancy McKenzie E.A 

All bookkeeping fees are discussed only with Nancy McKenzie E.A. All compliance issues are on a time basis decided by Nancy. 909-944-3011

IRS Representation      These are my Audit Fees, I am not for everyone, nor do I want to be. I am expensive, but I have one of the highest success rates ever obtained.

Children in the office     This is our office policy.

What to bring?      What we need in order to complete your income tax return.

Payroll Penalty Reduction Cut Your Payroll Penalties in Half !

This is new and only we do it. We can save you a 'bundle of bucks' and it really costs you nothing.

We charge 10% of what we actually save you. If we can't save you money, you pay us nothing.

To Make a Appointment

Cheapskates  This is for those who just want the lowest price.