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Our Fees 

All bookkeeping fees are discussed only with Nancy McKenzie E.A. All compliance issues are on a time basis decided by Nancy. 909-944-3011

Are you paying $1,500 or more on corporation compliance issues? If so, call Nancy, she can help and save you a lot of money too! Now that I think about it, what are you paying for your corporate returns. $1,500? $3,500? 7,500? Maybe you should talk to Nancy about your situation. Again, she may save you a lot of money.

Nancy has limited time available to help. It is a big mistake to wait to the last moment to see her. You will lose out and it will be your loss.

All non personal income tax returns have a set base fee, plus time. If your accounting books (ledgers) are in order, a lower fee, if we need to help you with your books, a larger fee. If you have no books, but are required to, a much greater fee. Nancy sets her own bookkeeping fees, so she is the one to talk to.

Nancy can be seen Monday through Fridays after 4:00 P.M  and all day Saturdays by Appointment Only

Her personal phone numbers are 909-261-4636

You can always leave a message for her at our office 909-985-7466 (Good Luck with that)