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My Fees 

I will no longer do IRS Representation unless you have been referred by an Attorney or CPA firm.

If you cannot afford me, or have not been referred by an attorney or CPA firm, go to Tax Problems? , then read  Reality Check , then call me for help. I may provide some limited hope for you even though you have not been referred.

I am one of the very best when it comes to dealing with the IRS. You can always go else where to save a few hundred dollars on a fee, and probably pay much, much more in income taxes. I see it every day with few exceptions. You will get what you pay for and unfortunately, way to often, you will get a lot less. Yes, I am expensive, but I also have one of the highest success rates ever obtained. When you need an attorney, you get the best you can afford. When you need a tax representation , you get me. I am the one the attorneys use, and that should tell you something. I am one of the best. 

If I take on your case, I have a new fee schedule based on percentages of what I save you. Below our my time charges, you can choose your fee or pay by percentage of savings, the choice is yours. I will charge 10 percent of what I save you or get you back as a refund or a combination of both.

General Consultation, $325 per hour, no minimum.  Tax Problems?)

Audits,  $325 per hour, 2 hour minimum.

Appeals,  $375 per hour, 2 hour minimum.

Offers in Compromise,  $325 per hour 10 hour minimum.

Renegotiate an Offer in Compromise $475 per hour 10 hour minimum.

Audit Reconsideration $375 per hour, 5 hour minimum.

Collections, $325 per hour, no minimum.

Word of Warning on OIC's. Most OIC's take between 20 - 40 hours depending on the complexity of the issues involved. Nothing is ever as simple as it may seem and a good OIC person will have your entire IRS history before they ever consider what option they wish to take.

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