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Reality Check;  It's all about the money.

How much money do you owe? Have you read or seen the ads in the Los Angeles Times or most major newspapers where people offer their services to help you if you owe the IRS money? Have you seen 'we can settle pennies on the dollar?' Have you noticed the small print? 

Usually the notices or adds will say "if you owe more than $5,000, more often $10,000", give us a call. That is because if you owe less than that, your not worth helping. That's right, you are not worth helping. These people help for money not charity. They will not waste their time on you. If you owe the IRS large amounts of money, you had to have made large amounts of money, therefore you have access to large amounts of money. See the picture, yet? If you can not pay the IRS a few thousands dollars, you most certainly can't pay them, and that is the economic reality of your situation. Nobody cares about you or your problem unless you have the money to pay them to care.

I care. I care about a lot of people who can't afford me. I know their pain and anguish and I know how destructive this debt can be to a individual or a family. I can help. Once again, you may not be able to afford me to represent you, but you can afford to get some help from me.

If you are facing an Audit, for nominal fee you can come into my office and tell me about or explain your problem and I will tell you how to handle it. 

You screw up your Audit or OIC and you will only add to your woes, which is why most professionals will charge you even more to ask for a Audit reconsideration or re-negotiate your OIC. Please, don't take this chance. If you can't or won't see me, at the very least, find someone to give you some decent advice. Finally if your are going to amend your return, get some qualified help so you do not fall into the abyss of despair.

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The reality check here is everything is about the money. Do not think for one second it is not. Time is money and if you do not have the money, no one will not waste their time. You screw this up and you will wish to a God that you paid me.