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Tax Problems? What you don't know will hurt YOU.

It has been said that you have a 50% chance of being audited at least once during your life time. You only have a 17% chance of partially prevailing during a audit and less than 2% of winning an appeal. Your worst enemy will not be the IRS auditor, it will be you. You will not know when to shut your mouth and you will hang yourself. It will be a slow, withering, and painful death.

It is true that most E.A.'s CPA's, and Attorneys are very expensive and even I am out of the price range of most of my clients. Most big firms bill their clients $450-750 per hour and even I, at less than that, I do not come cheap. But what about the average tax payer who has a audit coming up or a tax problem. They can't afford me, let alone someone half  my price. I have decided to make a commitment to helping them too. This year, after tax season, I will find or make a day during the week when I am doing nothing. I am going to reserve that time for people who really do need my help. 

If you are facing an Audit, for nominal fee ($50) you can come into my office and tell me about or explain your problem and I will tell you how to handle it. I know you have already been burnt by a tax professional. I know you can not afford profession help, I know you can not pay your tax liability and I also know you will bury your head like an ostrich. But be honest with yourself and ask, when is the only time you can bet the very best just to guide you? If you fail to act, you deserve the consequences, do you not? 

If your considering a Offer in Compromise, it may be the best money you will spend, because if you screw this up, you will extent the statue of limitation and end up doing more harm than good. 

Reality Check (if you owe money).

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