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How to Find Me?    During the off tax season, I am rarely in the office. When I am, it's usually a Thursday in the afternoon, never mornings.

My Fees                                                 Appointments

E-mailing me almost always works. Using a phone, is iffy at best.

To schedule a appointment, email me at robert@taxesforyou.com  Tell me when you would like to come in and I will check and see what is available and actually get back to you.

If you phone me, that is iffy at best, because my answering machine deletes all messages at high noon, so if you call in the morning, I will not get the message and if you call after I have left the office, I will not get it. The reason my machine deletes message sis because I get between 40-60 messages a day and most of the callers, call just to listen to my messages because they find them humorous and share them with their friends.

Do Not Wait until April to make an appointment. April is usually booked solid by the end of February. I turned away many people during the last three weeks of this last tax season and 39 people the year before, because I could not accommodate them.

Appointments always come first. Since the tax season is over,  I am open to the general public, Thursdays, from 1 P.M. - 5 P.M., sometimes depending on how I feel. All others days, by appointment only. Never on Sunday, if God can rest so can I. 

I am located at 370 S Euclid Ave, Upland at the corner of 7th and Euclid Ave, For those with GPS finders, my address is 370 S Euclid Ave, Upland 91786. (See map)

I reserve the right to refuse service to anyone who appears to be under the influence of alcohol, drugs or has serious hygiene problems.

Caution: If you make an appointment and do not show up, there is a $50 no show fee. That is what I use to say, now I no longer have too! Fail to show up and you will be dropped as a client.

This means you may be going else where at great expense, I might add. This is what happens. I can only keep so many time slots available. I have to make some available for new clients and I have to keep some available for those who traditionally come in the latter part of the season. If you fail to show up, I may not have a time slot available plus I could have had someone else come in at that time. Last year, eleven did not show up, and failed to cancel. They had to go elsewhere as I could not give them an appointment. They each paid over $400 to have their returns done. This summer I had to amend their return because they were done incorrectly. The cost of the returns and amends where close to $650 each, but I was able to save them several $1000 dollars each. These ones learned the hard way, don't let that happen to you. If you can not make it, tell me ASAP.

To reach me in a emergency, call my voice mail at 909-985-7466 and hope it is a Thursday.