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To Make a Appointment

My phone number is 909-985-7466 which I rarely answer, and my Fax number is 815-550-1317, if you really need me, e-mail me at Robert@taxesforyou.com

My office is now located 370 S Euclid Ave, Upland 91786. (See map)

Right now I am available at Robert@TaxesForYou.com  Sometimes the server goes down and if that should happen I have a backup address which is Robert@kbli.org . I rarely carry my pager or even answer the phone and I check my e-mail late in the evening during the tax season. Why late in the evening? Because I am usually having a fun time during the day, and I don't like bad news during the day. Bad news is better during the night when there is nothing I can do about it. Since there is nothing I can do about it until morning, I don't have to stress about it during the night. Seems to make sense to me. 

Since the tax season is over,  I am available by appointment only. I will open my office to the general public, Thursdays, from 1 P.M. - 5 P.M. All other days and times are available by appointment. As for Sunday, if God can rest, so can I. 

Tax Problems?  Are you being audited? What you don't know will hurt you.

Remember, I no longer will do IRS Representation unless you are referred by an Attorney or CPA. We can still help you in most cases. We also offer Audit Assistance at our cost which will help many of you, and it has some side benefits included.