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Bookkeeping Services (and MORE!) Provided by Nancy McKenzie E.A.

(Yes, more! If you need audit compliance for Dept. of Corporations, NASD, or SEC, Nancy is your person. She is an Compliance Audit Specialist and one of the best available. She also handles BOE, EDD, & FTB compliance issues.)  

Bookkeeping Services are provide by Nancy McKenzie E.A., one of the most respected and qualified bookkeepers in Southern California. Additionally, her financial background and expertise is unparallel. When I need a person to help me decipher the missing pages, eraser marks, spilled ink, hand written notes of a mysterious order, she is the one I call. Simply the best, I use her and recommend her, need I say more.

To schedule an appointment with Nancy or to discuss you accounting situation, you can call Nancy directly at 909-944-3011 or you can contact me, Robert at 909-985-7466 and I will make arrangements for you to meet with her.

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We were one of the first to do this and now we are giving it away to help our clients. We can save you a 'bundle of bucks' and it really costs you nothing. The biggest joke is most people can't believe we can help them and yet we help people all over the country who never thought they could be helped. Try us and save money.

We used to charge 10% of what we actually save you. If you owe $1000 and we reduce it to $500, we have saved you $500 of which you pay us 10% or $50. The total cost out of your pocket is $550 which gives you an additional $450 that you would have had to pay in penalties. Think about it, $1000 in payroll penalties or $550 with our help and it costs you nothing to try us. Now it is almost free, you pay what we pay, nothing more.