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We are the best of the best. We have left the big Tax and Financial Firms and have gone out on our own. We are not constricted by others and we can provide service, the level of which you have never seen or experienced. Each year more and more people find out how good we truly are. These are people who sought out the best and never thought of costs. They simply wanted the best regardless of cost.

If the fee is your only concern, don't come to us, go somewhere else, we don't need you or want you. If you need us, but think you can not afford us, simply tell us you have limited resources. We have yet to turn down a client who truly needed our help. We help the people who need us.

The rich get everything and the poor get nothing when it comes to taxes. Sound familiar? We hear it everyday. What one doesnít realize is that the tax code applies to everyone, not just the wealthy with a exclusion for the poor. So why do the wealthy get everything and the poor gets nothing? Because the wealthy will pay for that advice they need to succeed and the poor do not need that advice. We will always have the rich and we will always have poor, then we will have others, the people in between. This is where you define yourself. If you are not willing to pay or work for this advice, then you truly donít deserve it. You become the cheap and cheesy.

We donít do cheap and cheesy in this office.