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Appointments                   What to bring? I will need all of this information!   

A copy of last years tax return is always appreciated. Bring the Social Security Cards (or know for sure the SS Number and birth dates) for any dependant not shown on last years return. Also make note of the names on the SS Cards, sometimes they are different.

If you are a student or did not make much money last year, I really need to know if your parents are claiming you on their income tax return. This will save you the embarrassment and cost of a amended return.

All W2's, 1099R's, 1099-MISC's, Unemployment benefits received, Social Security benefits received, interest received from bank accounts, etc. Dividends paid to you whether you received them or not. Be prepared to disclose all income received. Do not forget gambling winnings. Bring anything that shows income tax withheld.

If you have child care expenses, I will need the name, address, and a social security number or EIN and phone number for whom ever you paid.

If you itemize (Schedule A) I need to know if you received a refund from the State last year. Medical expenses. I need your 1098's (mortgage interest you paid), property taxes, DMV fees. If you refinanced last year did you pay points? Charitable contributions. If you gave more than $500 in value to a qualified charity, I need to know what, to who, when, and their address. Any casualties or losses? Unreimbursed business expenses including mileage records if applicable. Tools, dues, professional fees, etc. If you are not sure of what you can write off. go to my Information Central and look at 'Can I Deduct This?'

If you sold stocks or bonds, know what you originally paid for them.

If you have a Schedule C or E, have your totals and expenses listed. Have you automotive logs or records done. If I have to do your bookkeeping for you, you will pay, and I mean pay. If everything is in order, you will save a lot of money on forms.

If there is any doubt as to what to bring, call me.

Time is money to income tax preparers. If your records are not in order, most people will charge you extra to get them in order. If your a small business or have a rental or two, CPA's and Accountants will eat you alive if they have to re-create or assemble your records. I am no exception, although I am a little less painful.

One final item. Bring any IRS or Franchise Tax Board correspondence you may have received.