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I love this page. More professionals from competing firms come here than any other group of people.


Because I have more information here than they can get from their own firms and companies. This is only one of the many reasons why this web site has been rated on of the top ten in the country.

This page will give you access to a cornucopia of information that is generally unknown to most of the public and many tax professionals, too. Fantastic reading. 


Audit Help This is for Tax Professionals who are going to IRS Audits. This is what you will need before hand. Make sure you give your clients a copy during your first meeting. Explain it to them and them meet with them after they have the information you have requested before meeting with them.

Business Entities  The differences between Sole Proprietorships, Partnerships, Corporations, Limited Liability Companies and Limited Liability Partnerships.

Can I Deduct This?  Unbelievable amount of reference to different kinds of deductions.

Tax Records    Condensed version of what the IRS thinks records are and what record keeping is all about.

Tax Scams   People fall for these every day.

Tax Penalties  These are the IRS penalties one might have to pay. (It may  take up to 22 seconds to load.)

Removal of Penalties  How to remove IRS penalties.

Tax Preparer Penalties  This is what tax professionals might have to pay for their mistakes.

How to find a Tax Preparer  Hints on what to hunt for.

Tax Protesters  So your clients think they don't have to pay taxes? This is very interesting reading. (It may take up to 26 seconds to load.) If you have clients that argue this with you, rip a copy of this and hand it to them.

Profit   Is your Schedule C a business or hobby? These are the IRS Regulations.

Tax Free Income?

Tax Forms

Tax Software