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I really am not sure how many ever make it to this web page, but here is an interesting fact. I have been rated one of the top ten income tax preparers in the country. My web site has been rated in the top ten for many years and we have received several awards. The joke to me is I do taxes because I love doing taxes, to me it is the fun of it. Here is the difference. I come in in the afternoons and I leaving when I am done servicing my clients for that day. The other top ten start the day early in the mornings. They charge 5-7 times more than me because they know they will get it. They are the best and people will pay for the best. It is true I can easily raise my prices and cull out my clients keeping only those who want the best and then take on new clients' who are willing to pay for the best, but if I were do do that, what would that say about me? Not much! You can not buy integrity, nor character, and I am not willing to sell mine.  

Why use me to prepare your Income Taxes?

Because I am good and have been rated one of the top ten in the country, plus I care. I won't rip you off. I will treat you as I would want to be treated, and I mean that sincerely. I will protect your privacy and confidentiality as no others can. Integrity and honesty are my virtues and I will walk away before those are compromised. I am very good at what I do and I was one of the best at my former company, but when you think about it, anyone could say that. It seems that everybody is good, after all, who is going to say they are mediocre? My experience is a page to itself and then there are my references.  The best reference is my clients. The problem is I would be violating their privacy if I were to tell you who they are. Even though many have given me permission to mention them as long as I give them credit for what they do, I really think mentioning names is a privacy issue, so I won't. I will tell you what they do.. 

I do a World Champion Karate expert, in fact I do several of them. I also do Rock'n Roll band members, Models,  Actors, Dancers, Doctors, Lawyers. Electricians, Plumbers, Construction workers, Day Care providers, Waitresses, Students, Professional Athletes, and the list goes on. I even handle Adult Entertainment Stars. These people need tax help too and even though many Attorneys, CPA's and others would do their taxes for free, they would rather pay me, because they trust me. I don't rip them off and I have something they very rarely see, integrity, honesty and lots of humor.

I am not for everyone. I am not for those who really don't care who does their taxes. They will get what they deserve and that isn't much. I am not for those in a hurry, I do take my time and will make sure you understand what I did and why I did it. I am not real good with stupid people either, but I can recommend someone who is. And, I should warn all of you who read this that I have a sense of humor. If you want a serious straight faced person with the personality of a wall, I am not for you. 


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