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This page is under development. It has been suggested that I place some of my Adult Entertainment client's pictures here. I don't think that will happen.

As much as I would like to place clients here, I would be violating their privacy rights, and I can not do that.

I can tell you we have a cornucopia of clients. We have Doctors, Veterinarians, and Lawyers, CEO's of major corporations and morticians. We have people in the trades, entertainment business, music business, educators and teachers. We have small businesses and large business. Technical people of all types. Landscapers, artists, photographers, writers, and self employed. And let us not forget all of those in public service, politicians, law enforcement, Firefighter, and garbage collectors. We do Corporate Tax returns, Foreign Tax returns, LLC's, Partnerships, Trusts and Estates, Non Profits, and all of our States. We do it all!