About Robert Normandie E.A. & Associates. We are all Income Tax  Professions who have pooled our individual talents and share a common philosophy. 

Our philosophy is a simple one, 'The Client comes first, regardless of consequences.í This means, you come first and if we canít help you, we will send you to someone who can. If that means losing you as a client, then so be it, that is what we will do. You come first, period.

We can collectively provide a variety of services generally not found in an accounting office or a legal firm. We can do, regardless of complexity, Individual, Rentals, Corporate 1120 C & S, Sole Proprietorships, 1065 Partnerships, Estates, Trusts, 990 Non Profits.



                                 Robert Normandie E.A                                  Nancy McKenzie E.A 


Robert, (thatís me) specialize in IRS Representation. This is what I do, and I do it best. I have clients referred to me by Attorneys, CPAís, and by other tax professionals. I am the IRSís worst nightmare and I am very proud of that.

Nancy, specializes in Financial and Corporate Audit compliance. If there is a tax compliance issue with BOE, EDD, FTB, IRS, or if you need audit compliance for Depts. Corporations, NASD, or SEC, she is the one.

















We are the best of the best. Our fees are base upon what we feel is a fair price for our services. We can compete with others because we do not have the costs that others have, nor do we have the dead weight of carrying individuals who can not perform.

Not only taxes, but we do even more. Not only do we get you back your largest legal refund, we can even help you spend it. Both Robert and Nancy are licensed travel agents and have been every where. Robert actually hosts a TV show called 'Travel Tips and Rips' which is taped once a month at the KBLI Studios. Some people will pay $3500 to $4500 for a week in Tahiti. Robert can get you there for less than $1250. Imagine a 4 day cruise for $199? All of this can happen if you know what you are doing.