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Where Else Are You Going To Go?

If we do not prepare your income taxes, who will? Yes, there are a lot of qualified people who can prepare your income taxes, but how do you find them? Big Firms turn over a lot of people and have to replace them with people straight out of a tax school class. If they make a mistake, so what! They pay penalties and interest on their own negligence, and you will go to another office. It's still the same company, your still the same client and the cycle continues. Is that what you want? Is that what you paid for? And finally remember, the big companies can charge you whatever they want because they know, there is no where else for you to go. That is my point; 'Where else are you going to go ?

Maybe you are thinking about calling some of the smaller and more reputable firms, only to find that they charge 3 to 10 times as much as you have been paying. You will definitely need an appointment for most of them, and many charge a no show fee. Funny, I have been rated one of the top ten in the country and voted Uplands best, several times and yes, I have talked to some of the other top ten tax preparers and they tell me that they charge 2-3 times more than me and when I ask then why? They say, people will pay for the best, it is a simple as that. So you left the big boys at $300, went to Mom and POP at $100, realized your mistake using them and went to a small but reputable firm and paid $700. Now you are back to the big boys at $350 (fee increase). Again, my point being; 'Where else are you going to go?'

Then, do you use your friend's tax preparer? The one you drop your stuff off at and they will get back to you? They may not even sign the return, which should tell you, they are underground preparers. Why underground? Something drove them to hide their identity. Many of the new tax laws are designed to protect you from these people. Did you know that all tax preparers must sign the tax return, giving an address and tax ID number? Did you know, as of this year, all preparer doing more than ten tax returns must electronically file the return and have PTIN (Practitioner Tax Identification Number) and to get a PTIN you must pass a competency test and submit fingerprints for a background check and do continuing education? Are you going there?

Try us. Give us a chance to prove to you, how good we really are. Just a chance is all we ask.

We are actually less expensive than many of the largest firms in the country, and with us you get a Enrolled Agents, not a person who just took a tax class, or a part time tax preparer. This is what we do, and taxes is all that I do. My partner Miss Nancy does bookkeeping too! We stand by our fee quotes. I post my prices on this site, no bait and switch, or surprises.  All returns that can be electronically filed are filed that way. 

Again, try me. Give me a chance to prove to you, how good I really am. Just a chance is all I ask.

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