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Not Impressed ? That's alright too, as long as your not a cheap and cheesy.  Cheapskates

I know I am not for everyone and not everyone wants me. So 'Thank You' for taking the time and effort to learn about me. For those who don't want me but need to find a good tax preparer, I wish you well. Look long, look hard, ask questions, but remember,

                                                       Caveat Emptor.

If you need to find a tax professional and can not afford an E.A., C.P.A., or Attorney, at least find someone who has some experience and electronically files your income tax return. Although that doesn't guarantee that they are good, they have been looked at by the Internal Revenue Service and passed some type of background check.

(Remember, most of the time you will always get what you pay for! Then again, you can get a lot less!)