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Story behind magnetic jewelry. If you want to know all about magnetism and how it works, click this.


Saint Bobby Bracelets, the rarest and most sought after of all.











Classic all black, worn by most stars.

Turquoise, worn by many Rock & Rollers

PRICING:  If he will make it, and that is a big 'if'? In Hollywood, genuine Saint Bobby's are selling for well over $1K and his walking staffs over $3K The problem with Saint Bobby is he simply does not care about the money, he will only make staffs and bracelets for those who really need and are worthy. On the pricing, he originally charged about $5 per inch but then he found people selling them for $50-$75 per inch, so he changed his pricing to discouraged speculators. If you are worthy and he likes you the price will probably be a lot less.


$55.00 per inch plus clasp

$55.25 per inch for pearlized beads.

$55.50 per inch with healing stones,

(subject to availability)

$75.00 per inch, your custom design

Magnetic Spacers (Gold plated 10,000 Gauss)

$2.00 each

All Clasps $5.00 each

Silver Plated (5,000 Gauss)

Gold Plated (5,000 Gauss)

Black Anodized (10,000 Gauss)

You can Contact Me at

St. Bobby

123 E 9th St, Suite 306 Upland CA 91786

(909) 985-7466

The United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) prohibits manufacturers of instruments from making health or therapeutic claims for effects relating to the physical or mental illness being currently treated by members of the medical profession and/ or other licensed practitioners unless said instruments have been registered by the FDA.


Magnets do not heal anything.

They only stimulate the body to heal itself.

Do not use magnets during pregnancy

Do not use with pacemaker or defibrillator

Do not use magnets on abdomen for 90 minutes after meals

Persons on medications (prescription drugs) may find the medications may be more effective with magnets, and dosage may have to be adjusted by doctor

Any self-help application is the sole responsibility of the user

The use of magnets should not replace the treatment of a qualified medical professional



Custom Turquoise worn by award winning actress.

Double Classic all black, ordered by many stars.

Custom Pearl, should be used for special occasions only.