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This is the story behind magnetic jewelry. You will find it fascinating.

Magnetism is one of the earth’s oldest natural forms of healing energy, affecting every living system, as it has for millions of years, utilizing whole body healing naturally using the earth’s force of magnetism.

Magnets work on human metabolism mainly through the circulation of blood, which contains hemoglobin and iron. The adult human body contains 4 to 5 grams of iron, and it can be traced to all parts of the human body. Most of it is present in blood as a component of hemoglobin and a smaller amount remains in muscles and is called myoglobin. The function of the components is to carry oxygen from the lungs to muscles and other parts. Without iron there would be no energy, and without energy the heart and respiration stops and you die. Iron is essential for life. Without iron there is no life. Magnetism influences iron magnificently, forcing it to move, increasing its oxygen, and thereby increasing natural healing.

At the Pain and Stress Therapy Center in San Antonio, pain specialist, Kathy Birkner, CRNA, Ph.D., has been successfully using magnets at muscle trigger points for muscle pulls, general aches, sprains, and pains, athletic injuries, bursitis, tendonitis, and lower back strains.

Magnets as part of a multi-treatment approach that often includes massage and nutritional supplements, particularly such factors as vitamin C, magnesium and reishi mushroom. The fascinating thing about the magnets is that many often report feeling warmth and reduced pain within minutes, the effect of increased local circulation created by the magnets. Magnets are not only effective but they are safe. There are no side effects as you often see with pain medication. This is what the Japanese have long been saying after many years of widespread use. In fact, Japan’s equivalent of the food and drug administration has approved magnets in the treatment of injuries.

The principle of magnetic healing power is this: Electrically charged elements in the bloodstream, positive and negative minerals are attracted to the corresponding poles of bio-magnets placed over the skin of the injured tissue. The emitted force stimulates the flow of nutrient rich blood to the injury site, which would otherwise be hampered by local constriction and inflammation. The boosted blood flow draws more of the biochemical agents of healing to the site, promoting repair and countering localized muscular spasms that often accompany trauma. This response also helps flush out biochemical waste products.

Wearing magnets works on your entire body. Your blood has iron in it, which is naturally attracted to the magnets. This makes your usually sluggish blood course more rapidly through your body to pass under the magnets. Now several things transpire when this takes place. Increased circulation so many people who complained of cold extremities say their feet are warm again. Because of the increased circulation endorphins are forced to run rapidly through your body. Endorphins are the "healing warriors" of our bodies, but because of our current lifestyle we never make them work hard enough. Endorphins will not pick and choose what they will and will not work on so as they run around your body a "whole body healing" is taking place. You feel better all over including increased energy. From a headache to a toe ache and everything in between. Even high school injuries can be effected in a positive manner.

Biomagnet proponents note that while better known therapies – anti-inflammatory drugs, trigger point injections, infrared light, and microwave diathermy all contribute to an eventual increase of local circulation, the use of magnets significantly speeds the process.

Magnetism is a wholly natural event. It is neither magic nor medicine. It merely allows body cells to exist at their best level.

Scientists have established beyond and doubt that all living cells are electrical in nature. The functioning of the cells and nervous system of every living being is based on the direct current (DC) and pulsed energy. Without this energy, there is not life.......

This magnetic field affects everything and everybody to Here is a partial list of some of the many conditions that have been relieved by using magnetic therapy:

. Acne

. Allergies

. Asthma

. Back Aches

. Bunions

. Bursitis

. Diabetes

. Carpal Tunnel

. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome . Colitis

. Cramps

. Earaches

. Fibromyalgia

. Frozen Shoulder

. Heel Spurs

. Insomnia

. High Blood Pressure

. Menstrual Cramps

. Migraines

. Osteoporosis

. Poor Circulation

. Rheumatoid Arthritis

. Tendonitis

. Tennis Elbow

They do increase energy and vitality, plus much more! At first, magnets should be worn 24 hours a day. Each person responds differently to magnetic therapy. I have heard testimony of headaches disappearing after wearing the necklace for only 20 minutes.In most cases the results are gradual. Some people see results within the first few days of wearing the products, while others may notice results after a few weeks.

Basic Theory and Function Behind Magnetic Jewelry
The magnetic field of the magnetic jewelry acts as a catalyst to improve chemical reactions occurring in the human body. This improves a variety of functions in the area of the magnetic jewelry focal point, such as oxygen carrying capacity, assimilation of nutrients, manufacture of enzymes, metabolic waste removal, reduction of free radicals, tissue regeneration and most importantly healing. The rate of healing can be accelerated to be much faster than the typical healing rate of the human body. For example a bone fracture that typically requires 6-8 weeks to heal may require only a few days with magnetic jewelry.

In general terms, it is safe, painless, accelerate healing none invasive, does not have the allergy or infraction problems of multi-prescription medications and does not carry the risk of more aggressive treatment methods such as experimental drugs or surgery.

How Safe Is It?
An MRI scanner generates a magnetic field of 5,000 to 20,000 gauss. Where as each magnetic bead does not exceed 2,500 gauss. The safety of the introduction of high strength magnetic fields was well established during toxicity studies performed for the FDS approval of MRI.

What Will I Experience?
Many who have been in pain will experience relief in a short period of time. Some describe different feelings of tingling or "glowing" in a problem area, which is indicative of healing. Experience will very with individuals and the type of condition being treated.

The magnetic beads will not turn or change colors unless the beads come in contact with another chain or metal. The magnetic bead is metal and will scratch when in contact with other metals thus will lose its shine but not magnetic strength. Water contact will not hurt but will help keep it clean. Sleeping with it is only good for your body.

Special People Special Bodies
Every body is different. Very often you will hear doctors say: "Try this and call if you feel strange". Well the reason is simple, there are millions of people and everyone has a different reaction. The same is true with magnets. Normally you should feel results within 24-48 hours. Some people will feel results in minutes, even seconds and some will even feel strange. People who feel strange should remove the magnets and wear for just a few minutes a day for a few days to let the body associate with the magnets, then it will be just normal to wear the all day everyday. Others will not feel or seem to feel any results for weeks and then remove it and feel it is gone because the pain seems to come back.