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Why Me

Did you know that Robert is sought out not only to to give comedy performances but to hold seminars to both the Travel Industry and the Tax Community?

Teaching Seminars and why use me?

First, I have more verifiable teaching experience than most people put together. Next, most people know me as Saint Bobby the comedian, which means the presentation will be anything but boring. Also the cost of the presentation is far less than what it cost to have Saint Bobby perform a comedy routine. Second is the subject matter. These are the most sought after classes given.

For the Travel Industry we offer;

Travel and Taxes, This is a money maker. The travel industry misses out on a great opportunity to sale travel simply because they have no clue to the tax ramifications. This seminar provides the travel agents with the latest up to date tax laws regarding the deductabity of the trip they may provide a client. Imagine the sales you may make when you client knows they can right the trip off? Maybe they can't right it all off but what about part of it? Can you help your client? Do you know what to tell them?

For the Tax Industry we offer;

Ethics Seminars; Required by law and this one, is one of the most complete and best ever offered.

IRS Representation Seminars; This is the one for those who need to represent someone before the IRS. If you are doing audits this is for you.

Sole Proprietorship Seminars; In business for yourself? This is designed for you.