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The Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act, enacted by Congress in November 2000, establishes federal rules governing the disclosure of personal financial information by financial institutions.

The regulations apply to any person or business entity providing financial services to individuals, including banks, mortgage companies, accountants, accounting firms, tax preparers, insurance companies and more.

Because I am a tax preparer, I have to have a privacy policy. This is my federal mandated privacy protection policy for giving out information ;

"Never"   I do not and will not give or share any information used to prepare your income taxes to anyone other than you.

Unless you have a Court Order, and that is what you will need to obtain any information from me, don't even bother to ask.  I am not giving out any information to anyone regardless of who they are or what they may tell me. No power of attorneys, no notarized permission slips, only a legitimate Court Order signed by a real  Municipal, Superior, or Federal Court Judge will do. (No TV Judges.) This means that your girl friend, boyfriend, significant other, wife, husband or lover, brother or sister, and even your mommy will get absolutely nothing from me. For everyone else, especially financial businesses, you have less than a rat's chance in Kitty Heaven to get anything from me.

I do not have a opt out policy. I do not have one because in order to have a opt out, you have to opt in. Since you can not opt in, you can not opt out. Hence, no opt out policy.