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We will have Audit Assistance Insurance this year.

My life is changing  and the directions I go I can not take my friends with me. I will be gone a lot from now on and what do I do if a client gets a letter from the IRS  and can not find me. Many letters I can handle  with email but what about an audit. I am not there to help so I have decided to offer Audit Assistance Insurance at my actual cost to some, but not all of my clients. Why not all of my clients? Simple, many do not need it, so why offer it? But for those that do, this is a great product. Get a letter and call the company, they will handle everything  after the first phone call.

Bookkeeping Services

One of my greatest attributes is the fact that I can seek out and find the very best. Not just good, but the very best. I have found a bookkeeper who is considered one of the finest in Southern California. I have pleaded, begged, graveled and crawled to obtain the bookkeeping service of Nancy McKenzie E.A. Her financial background is unparallel, her bookkeeping skills unequalled and she has the fantastic ability to explain what she is doing and why. I am so very grateful that she has agreed to associate with me and make her services available to my clients and others. If you are considering a corporation, partnership, non profit, or complex sole proprietorship and need bookkeeping services, she is the one for you.

Did you get email or phone call from the IRS? If you did then worry, because there is a lot of fraudulent email posing as the IRS

There are phishing email risks you need to be aware of. They are messages claiming to be from the IRS.

What to do if you receive such a message:

  1. Do not reply to the sender, access links contained in the email or submit any information 
  2. Forward the message as-is immediately to us at phishing@irs.gov
  3. Review How to report and identify phishing, email scams and bogus IRS websites
  4. If you receive a suspicious email or discover a website posing as the IRS, please forward the email or URL information to the IRS at phishing@irs.gov.

The IRS does not initiate taxpayer communications through email nor do they call.

Travel Services

Not only can we get you a huge refund, we can help you spend it. Ask about what we can do for you.

Jump Start Your Tax Return

Just shove your paper work under my office door. Leave a real phone number and I will call you after I have finished inputting the basic information. I will setup an appointment for you to come in and finalize your return. Most of the time this only takes a few minutes but I do have to talk to you and make sure we have reported all income and have taken all of the deductions allowed to us. Also, I need to spend a few minutes explaining what I have done and why I did it.

We all learn from prior experience and I certainly am no different. Many of my new clients where quite shocked at the amount of  time and effort I provided to them. Most never had a income tax preparer actually spend time, not only explaining what they were doing and why, but also explaining how they could get tax advantage of our system (even if they did not itemize). Just spending a few extra minutes really does make a difference. I always remember, never to forget, that I work for you, not a company.